Why do pianos have 88 keys

Why do pianos have 88 keys:It’s a great musical instrument

Music is a calming ingredient for your mind. Pianos are the most popular instrument for creating heart-melt music.Every musician has cherished dream to compose his words with pianos. It gives an extra-ordinary effect to the composition. But do you ever think why do pianos have 88 keys only?

Though Most of the musician doesn’t think it as a re-searchable one. They accept it as a simple fact. But if you are a newbie with Piano, then your question is pretty legit. Well, the answer is pretty confusing. Maybe you think why the instrument doesn’t contain more than 212 keys or 64 keys.

There is a practical and historical background behind it. So in this article, we will try to explain the fact in details. Be with us to meet up your queries.

The latest Piano is the modified version of the harpsichord. Therefore the first pianos have 60 keys. Pianos have octave, and among those 60 keys, 12 notes are octave. For your kind information octave is a series of eight notes. IN octave, there has an interval between the two consistency note.

The first Piano was invented

The history of piano invention is quite long. The father of the Piano is Italian. He was an instrument maker. He is still famous for Piano.

If we classified the musical instrument based on sound production, these are of three kinds. Such as:

According to the formulation, the Piano is in the string instrument category. You will be surprised to know that the Piano is also a member of the keyboard family in the early 14th century. In the first design, there was a lacking in its control. Cristofori was disappointed with this.

Then around 1700, he switched out the plucking mechanism with a hammer. And he reshaped the modern Piano. This instrument was designed with a damper mechanism and also with four octaves. Nowadays, composers are using Christopher’s Piano. It is one of the best brands for composing kinds of music.

The origin of 88 keys

Why do pianos have 88 keys

Christopher’s first step to the Piano was a revolutionary change in the music industry. The musician started to create more melodies to compose with the pianos. But the early pianos have limitations of four-octave strings so that  It was not possible for them to compose more sophisticated songs with the Piano.

Intending to remove this problem the piano manufacturing companies started to produce a newer piano with more keys and more octaves. It paves the way for the famous composer to create the mesmerizing collection.

By the mid 18th century some famous composer paid attention to create romantic compositions with seven octaves. These songs are still popular. From thethen time, musicians started to use several octaves in the Piano.

The new version of the Piano

Steinway first created a piano which contains 88-key.

After a lot of struggle worth the four-octave pianos, in the late1800’s it finds a new path. Another famous Musician, Steinway, recreated a design of another ultramodern piano.

He put 88-keys in it. It was the best version compared to the prior ones. Musician found it more convenient, and the sound quality was also up to the mark.

Since then, this Piano is known as the best brand piano. Here you can get three lower notes with 88 keys. Among the 88 keys,52 are white keys, and the rest 36 is black.These are flats in size. And every octave is consist of seven white keys. You will find five more extra black keys on the keyboard.

Why did piano manufacturers stop at 88 keys?

Composing a piece of music with Piano isn’t an easy task. Every musician needs to take care of piano keys. Because if anyone composes anything which requires more octave, then it will be a hassle from them.As the beginners can’t afford the sophisticated one. So, most of the composers nowadays try to write piano music that within the capacity of a model.

Like if anyone composes a song which is of 9 octaves, then it won’t be matched with an 88keys model. AS we mentioned earlier, it is only the limitations of piano music. Most piano makers complain about the flaws. But nothing to do.

The 88 keys piano is the Standard one to make all kinds of composition. It is called the basic Piano FOR  beginners. That’s why the manufacturer stops with 88 keys.

The main reason for a piano having 88 keys

There are various pianos which have more than 88 keys. You might get confused with the fact. Actually, pianos are the compact instrument. That’s why everyone prefers the small but elegant one. Besides these, there is more reason for a 88 keys piano. Let’s have a look at these:

  • The 88 keys piano give an outstanding sound quality of the Piano. Because if any piano stars on lowest A in the keyboard then the music is not recognizable. It happens due to the human ear frequency level.
  • The another reason for pianos having 88 keys based on the range of composition they can provide. Many famous musicians admit that 88-ones can give you more than enough composition. Usually there are lackings of compositions which make trouble if you want a mass expansion.
  • Size is another constraint for a piano to more keys. If the manufacturer produces more keys, they have to expand the size of the piano casing. Moreover, the large Piano will be a hassle to carry.
  • There is a proverb regarding a piano. That is the more strings; the more tensions. The fact means you have to include more customized parts if you have more keys in the Piano.
  • Piano production cost is enormous.The manufacturing companies need to do a lot of research before launching a new product. They also need more materials and labour.
  • Perhaps it takes a lot of time to produce a large size piano. They also need more materials and labour.It takes 1 to 2 years to make a Standard piano of 88 keys.

Why Can't There Be over 88 Keys on a Piano

Audible:The human ear is audible to the sounds that ranges from  20 Hz to twenty,000 Hz, but the upper limit of frequencies that the human brain can identify  is near about 4,000 Hz. Even the sound is increased with the quantity of piano keys, then the  extra notes feels like a noise to the human ear.That’s why quite 88 keys could be a trouble to handle.

Functional difference:Though there are making 97-key pianos supported special demands.It can have nine additional keys within the base keyboard  However, the strings for these nine segment provides a richer sound. But, the additional keys  are almost never played or accustomed have a pleasant sound.Hopefully you’ve got got the solution why pianos have 88 keys.

Do you want to be told more a couple of 88 key piano

This is one amongst the foremost asked question  by the beginner.But the easy answer isn’t any, oyou needn’t other keyboard if you have got 88 keyboard. Usually  the  keyboards are of same patterns.Morever, a smaller keyboard is nice for the learners.

So, if you would like to form a straightforward tune then it’s not necessary to own a complicated keyboard. But once you must transfer to from a  transition to a bigger mode.It will provide you with  more range to use the left and right area.

However if you’re a brand new user then dont forget to bring an outsized size piano.You can move your hand easily here.And this may speed up your flexibility.You can choose  61 or 76 keys.These two  are  pretty large in size and usable  for this aspect. Though 88 keys have some limits but no option can beat it for the most effective digital pianos with weighted keys.

Why does pianos have black and white keys

Usually most of the pianos have black and white keys. There are a lil bit exception in kids piano. The kids special pianos use colorful keys to draw in the kids. However there are a special significance within the color of fingerboard.

Generally the white keys indicates tone of the sound. On the opposite hand the black keys are for interval between two tones. The interval is for half seconds. The reason behind using the black color is, if all the key are in white color then it’ll tough for us to spot the notes.

These black keys play a significant role to differentiate the similar notes. Additionally the keys are product of Ivory and ebony. That’s why the manufacturer still continue the everyday color of keyboards.

Frequently asked question

  • What is a digital piano

Digital piano is an electronic piano.

Digital pianos are the updated version of traditional acoustic Piano. 

  • How many strings does a piano have?

How many strings will have a piano depends on its type? Generally, there are three in every row. These strings are in the treble, two lines Will be in the tenor and part of the bass, and only one in the shallow bass.

  • How does the Piano create sound?:

When you press a key, then it makes a hammer to go higher or forward. Sometimes it goes in a proper direction to hit the main strings. This process takes a glimpse of your eye. The hammer looks like a real one. Because there is a round shape  straight stick connected with a head., And  the upper portion  is covered with a ball of very deep wool to protect the strings From any damage.

When the string gets a signal, it helps to create a harmonic sound. These strings are attached with a giant soundboard that maintains the sound quality.

Because the actual music sounds in a higher range than the string will make by itself when you leave pressure from the key a damper then falls back. The damper is a pad. When the damper touches the string, the sound stops again. Dont forget to synchronize your leg with the hands. Because if you don’t press pedals with the foot, it doesn’t make a sound

Final verdict about Why do pianos have 88 keys

Well, these are the essential information on why do pianos have 88 keys. All the pianos don’t need to contain 88 keys. Perhaps some best piano keyboard is offering 93,112 keyboards.But if you want to get the ultimate pleasure as beginner, then you can blindly trust on the 88 key pianos.

We will suggest you an exciting thing, if you are a beginner then try to manage a piano from your music school or friend. Dont miss the chance. Play with it randomly. Press the keys, make a tune according to your choice. It will melt your heart, and you will be more attentive to your piano class.

However, if you still have any primary queries about pianos then dont forget to knock us. We are 24/7 here to serve you. Have a blast with your news piano.

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